This is an interesting hobby for me which has had some unique twists and turns.  If I could I would spend all day long researching family history. I have learned a lot and have had a lot of help along the way. Many thanks to my relatives who have contributed to my knowledge.  I got the biggest help from family and internet e-mail.  What a wonderful thing the internet is!

If you are interested in more information on these individuals please e-mail me.

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Paternal Grandfather:
James /BEUS/
*4 Sep 1758 - Pramollo, Torino, Italy
†3 Aug 1846 - Pramollo, Torino, Italy 

Paternal Grandmother:
Marie Madelaine /PEYRONEL/
*30 Sep 1769 - Ville Seche (Perrero), Torino, Italy
†3 Aug 1846 - Pramollo, Torino, Italy  

Maternal Grandfather:
John /COMBE/
*16 Sep 1779 - St. Garmaine, Pedmont, Italy
†27 Sep 1845 - San Gerinono, Torino, Italy  

Maternal Grandmother:
*6 Jan 1780 - Prarostino, San Segundo, Torino, Italy
†12 Dec 1820 - San Germano, , Torino, Italy 

Michael /BEUS/
*29 Apr 1811 - Pramol, Piedmont, Italy
†30 May 1888 - Ogden, Weber, Ut  

Marianne /COMBE/
*19 Mar 1813 - Pramollo, Torino, Italy
†10 May 1910 - Ogden, Weber County, Utah, USA  

Individual: Michael (Jr) /BEUS/
*21 Dec 1844 - Piedmont, Caserta, Italy
†21 Sep 1879 - Ogden, Weber, Ut
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