This is an interesting hobby for me which has had some unique twists and turns.  If I could I would spend all day long researching family history. I have learned a lot and have had a lot of help along the way. Many thanks to my relatives who have contributed to my knowledge.  I got the biggest help from family and internet e-mail.  What a wonderful thing the internet is!

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Paternal Grandfather:
Daniel /HAMMON/
*17 Dec 1801 - Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA
†26 Jul 1871 - German Township, Holmes, Ohio, USA 

Paternal Grandmother:
Mary Magdalene /Richard/
*13 Feb 1794 - Pensylvannia
†24 Oct 1870 - Millwood, Ohio, USA  

Maternal Grandfather:
Byram Lee /BYBEE/
*25 Feb 1799 - Barren, Kentucky, USA
†27 Jun 1864 - Roy, Davis, Utah, USA  

Maternal Grandmother:
Elizabeth Ann /Lane/
*24 Jun 1801 - Washington, Tennessee, USA
†17 May 1867 - Smithfield, Cache Valley, Utah, USA 

Levi Bird /HAMMON/
*14 Jun 1820 - German Township, Holmes, Ohio
†8 Nov 1894 - Wilford, Fremont, Idaho  

Polly Chapman /BYBEE/
*28 Oct 1820 - Nabob, Barren, Kentucky, USA
†5 Aug 1902 - Wilford, Fremont, Idaho  

Individual: Levi Byram /HAMMON/
*27 Aug 1849 - St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri, USA
†2 Mar 1915 - Roy, Weber, Utah, USA
Martha Jane /BELNAP/ ∞11 Jan 1870 - Salt Lake City, S-Lk, Ut

with Martha Jane /BELNAP/
1) Gilbert Levi /HAMMON/
2) Byram Rosel /HAMMON/
3) Polly Adaline /HAMMON/
4) Jane /HAMMON/
5) Levi Derlin /HAMMON/
6) Henrietta /HAMMON/
7) George Augustus /HAMMON/
8) Lettie Matilda /HAMMON/
9) Amasa Marion /HAMMON/
10) Rhoda Luann /HAMMON/
11) Betsy Robena /HAMMON/
12) John Wallace /HAMMON/
13) Frank Leslie /HAMMON/
14) Ethel /HAMMON/
15) Daniel Glen /HAMMON/

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