This site is dedicated to family and friends.  I have had the site name for a number of years and could never decide on exactly how I wanted to create this page.  I guess I got tired of having nothing available that has spurred me on to create it. As with all websites this is a work that hopefully with evolve and better express my feelings for family.

The Stockl family goes by many different spellings.  My family comes from Brazil where my Grandfather moved to before the 2nd World War. You see he was originally from a town called ďKerneiĒ in what is now Serbia.  The town name itself has changed over the years, but the name Kernei seems to be the name that sticks the most with people.  The photo below is of the church there. It has been there since 1797 and Iím sure if itís walls could talk they would tell a very interesting tale.

I intend to not only talk about this side of my family but others too. Every individual comes from more than one family and many cultures thrown into one.  I hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. I welcome any comments.  You can e-mail me at


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Last Modified: Saturday, October 27, 2007